The Raga Fellowship

Preserving Artistic Integrity and Rigour

The primary goal of The Raga Fellowship Foundation is to present the Hindustani tradition of Indian classical music without compromising its core artistic values. Given that we live in an era of constantly shrinking attention spans, it is difficult for an inherently inward looking musical genre to find an engaged listener base. Due to the fact that the musical arts now have to compete with a wide range of easily available means of entertainment, many promoters and even artists, feel compelled to produce work that appeals to this shortening attention span.

However, one of the core tenets of Indian classical arts is that music is a process, and not a product. The nature of raga elaboration is such, that no raga sounds the same every time, even in the hands of the same artist. Therefore, we try to present the music as it is designed to be – rich in thought and content and well executed, but without unnecessary fanfare.

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Sri Radhika Mohan Maitra (1917-1981)

Pandit Radhika Mohan Maitra – one of our inspirations.


Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee

Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee – headlining artist of KMMC’s 2023 edition.

Music for the Sake of Art

Minus the Razzmatazz

Today’s Hindustani Music scene in dire need of a support system.

  • Sincerity – We strive to keep things real, and serious. We stay away from the cynical “give the audiences what they want” approach that has swept up almost the entire Indian classical music scene today. Instead, we aim to help more and more people educate themselves about the nature of this music and to appreciate its joys, by raising awareness of the actual process of music making.
  • Production Values – We seek to give our artistes the best on-stage and off-stage experiences, so that they are inspired to give their best. We will not scrimp on sound, lights or recording quality. We will ensure that each one of our artistes is comfortable wherever we take them, and we take care to ensure that their needs are met before, during and after a performance, workshop or masterclass.
  • Consultancy – For anyone who wishes to host concerts of high quality Hindustani classical music anywhere in the world, we are available to lend you our expertise and hand-hold you through the process of working with these wonderful, sensitive musicians and to get the best out of them. We are just as happy to arrange workshops, masterclasses and seminars on theoretical, aesthetic and performative aspects of this music.


Music Education

Helping You Listen More Deeply

Wanting to hone your listening skills?

  • Guided Listening Sessions – One of our founding directors, Pt. Arnab Chakrabarty, one of the leading sarod maestros of the current generation, offers some of the most remarkable and personalized guided listening sessions designed to help one appreciate Hindustani raga music on a deeper level.
  • Take Up an Instrument – Our team, under Mr. Chakrabarty’s guidance, is able to help you learn the basics of Hindustani classical music on a plucked instrument of your choice (i.e., sarod or sitar), and if you already have basic command of another instrument, you are welcome to continue to study on your instrument.

Arnab Chakrabarty – one of our founding directors.